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Three reasons to use entimo’s ODM Validator:

1. Comprehensive checks

400+ structure and content checks guarantee consistency of your ODM files

2. Cost effective

Developed with Java technology, it does not requre additional licenses 

3. Flexible

ODM Validator can be used as a stand alone tool in your specific workflow or as a part of entimo Integrated Clinical Environment


ODM Validator is a cutting-edge tool for content and structure validation of ODM files including define.xml. It contains more than 400 built-in checks including:

  • Metadata version checks

  • Checks for missing attributes and other element definition checks

  • Attribute cardinalities (uniqueness, occurrences)

  • Value checks for data type conformance (e.g. ISO conformance)

  • Checks of code lists related to attributes

  • Reference checks (incl. missing ID references)

  • Special character sequences

  • Define.xml specific checks...

Cutting-edge Technology

The tool is based on a state-of-the-art Java technology, does not require any additional licenses to validate consistency of ODM files and is blazing-fast: Check of a 50MB large ODM file takes about 30 seconds on a dual core machine.

Stand-alone Tool

ODM Validator is available as a stand-alone tool and/or can be seamlessly integrated with entimo’s Integrated Clinical Environment. In the stand-alone version, the parameters are set via a text based control file.

entimICE Integration

When running the ODM Validator within entimo’s Integrated Clinical Environment (entimICE), you benefit from:

  • Comfortable tool launch via context menu on ODM files stored in the central repository

  • Drag-and-drop GUI support for easy parameter configuration

  • Repeatable and reproducible runs

  • Scheduling service for ODM Validator’s runs

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