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Press Releases


June 2012

How to Leverage Clinical Data Warehousing with Smart Metadata Handling?

(DIA US, Presentation, Track: Processes and Technologies for Clinical Research, Data Warehousing)


May 2012

SDTM Implementation Case Studies: Challenges and benefits
of standards harmonization
across the development lifecycle

(PhUSE SDE Basel, Presentation)

May 2012

Define.xml for ADaM: Challenges and Innovative Solutions

(PhUSE SDE Belgium, Presentation)

April 2012

Define.xml: Moving from SDTM to ADaM
Challenges and opportunities
of a metadata driven approach

(CDISC Interchange EU, Presentation)

March 2012



Implementations of CDISC SDTM and Synchronization of Standards Across the Development Lifecycle

(DIA EU, Presentation)

September, 2011 

d-Wise and entimo Enter into Strategic Partnership

August, 2011 

Use Case Standards Governance with entimICE

June, 2011

Implementation of CDISC standards supported by a globally distributed mapping process: Making the most of a metadata library, Case Study

(PhUSE SDE London 2011)

May, 2011

Behind the scene: Technical aspects and challenges of metadata extraction and management. Efficient generic database approach

(PhUSE SDE Frankfurt 2011)

March, 2011

Technical aspects and challenges of metadata extraction and management

(PhUSE SDE Basel 2011)

October, 2010

DH03: How to improve quality control in a data conversion process?  By extended usage of metadata!

DH10: Converting Data to CDISC Models: Research Project on Metadata Extraction, Exploration and Pooling

(PhUSE Annual Conference, Berlin, Germany)

September, 2010

Implementation of CDISC SDTM supported by a Globally distributed mapping process

(PhUSE SDE, Boston, USA)

October, 2009

From raw data to submission: A metadata-driven, repository-based process of data conversion to CDISC

(PhUSE 2009, CDISC and Industry Standards, CD08)

July 13, 2009

An analysis of requirements for metadata in metadata driven mapping projects and organizations

(SCDM Data Basics Journal, Sommer Issue, members only)


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